For the first time, Trentham Estate will be opening its doors to visitors from dawn, on Sunday 2 May, to mark International Dawn Chorus Day.

Trentham Dawn ChorusA worldwide celebration of nature’s greatest symphony, people across the world will get up at dawn to listen to nature’s very own orchestra of birdsong from Britain’s humble sparrow to crooning cowbirds in the Caribbean.

Dawn Chorus Day was first launched 40 years ago in the Midlands and is now enjoyed in over 80 countries globally. Everyone can enjoy nature’s natural orchestra from the simple serenade of robins and blackbirds to the chatter of house sparrows and the calls of herring gulls and crows.

Now, visitors to Trentham will be able to join in the annual event, as the gardens open early, for one day only.

Carol Adams, Garden Development Manager, said: “For the first time, we are opening our doors to give visitors the opportunity to enjoy this natural symphony of the hierarchy of birds singing across the Estate, coming together in a beautiful chorus of natural music rarely heard. Just like an orchestra, there is a natural order to the flow of birdsong.

“Visitors will be given early morning access to the Italian Gardens to enjoy the serene and melodious robins perched strategically in their different territorial nesting areas, high on clipped yew and hollies, while Blackbirds and Song and Mistle Thrush join in as the sun rises over the River Trent.

“As the sun starts to hit the tops of the trees on the islands in the Lake, the Heronry is like a prehistoric nesting site with Herons and Cormorants waking everyone up across the Estate with their screeching pterodactyl-like calls. This starts off the boisterous honks of geese and swans, and it’s a bit like an orchestra warming up before the conductor takes control.

“The woodland has its own boisterous choir members too, with crows and jackdaws waking from their roosts and nests in 300-year-old oaks, followed by the melodies of woodland songbirds… warblers, chiffchaffs, pied flycatchers, redstarts, song and mistle thrush, blackbirds, great, coal and blue tits, tree creepers and goldcrest.

“It really is like a natural orchestra creating a beautiful symphony announcing Spring is well and truly in action.”

Visitors can enjoy exclusive access to the Trentham Estate from 5am. Advanced booking is essential.

Enjoy a sneak peak by watching Trentham's YouTube video


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