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Staffordshire Hoard

The new exhibition Anglo-Saxon Kingdom of Mercia, sets the Staffordshire Hoard in the context of everyday Anglo-Saxon life and death. As well as 200 pieces of the Hoard the exhibition includes objects the Anglo-Saxons used in their daily work, and items they buried with their dead to provide for them in the afterlife. Visitors will be able to experience the atmosphere of a mead-hall and watch a new animated film, The Last Dragonslayer, all watched over by the imposing 9ft sculpture of a Saxon Warrior.

A £3.3m price tag was placed on the Staffordshire Hoard and the total collection is 1,800 gold and some silver Anglo-Saxon artefacts and the amount makes the Staffordshire Hoard the most valuable treasure find ever.

Entry into the Potteries Museum & Art Gallery and the Staffordshire Hoard exhibition is FREE of charge.

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