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Francis Gomila: The Pace of Recovery

The Pace of Recovery by Francis Gomila

Born in Gibraltar in 1954 Francis Gomila is dedicated to the production of art in urban locations. Having explored video and sculptural medium throughout his career , Gomilas installations generate a psychological tension between the artwork and the spectator.


In exploring the levels of conflict between the image the social context and the architectural environment in which it is placed.




In 1994 Gomila completed a commission of a sculpture entitled ‘the Pace of Recovery’ the stainless steel sculpture depicts a swan mounted on a tall plinth that slopes at an angle of 40 degrees with outstretched neck and wings as if rising from the water into the air.


The area of Festival Park formerly housed a steelworks and has now redeveloped as a retail and leisure park and so, the sculpture symbolises the successful regeneration that has been achieved at Festival Park.

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