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Dhuruva Mistry: Her Head

Her Head by Dhuruva Mistry

Dhruva Mistry was born in Gujarat, India in 1957, he studied fine art at the University of Baroda, before receiving a British Ccouncil scholarship in order to attend the Royal College of Art, London in 1981.


In 1991 Mistry was made an elected member of the Royal Academy of Arts as well as a fellow of the Royal Society of British Sculptors, London in 1993. In 1998 Mistry was appointed Head of Sculpture at the Faculty of Fine Arts at Baroda University; he was awarded a CBE in 2001 and left the University in 2002.


Producing work for exhibitions both nationally and internationally means that Mistry’s art is held in major public collections across the UK, Japan and India. Throughout his career he has worked in both the UK and India for significant periods of time and now lives and works in Vadodara.


After Studying at the Royal College of art, Mistry Started to specialise in sculpture and public art and was commissioned in 1986 for the National Garden Festival to create ‘Her Head’ that is now situated on Gilman Place at the corner of Potteries Way. This sculpture was Dhruvas Mistry's first large scale commission and since then he's gone on to produce many more large scale sculptures. His most known art work is situated outside the Art Gallery in Birmingham City Centre, Entitled ‘The River’ it was installed in 1992.


Dhuvra Mistry developed a unique and very noticeable style that focuses predominantly upon women. ‘Her Head’ is made entirely from bronze, the head is female; the features are smooth and defined with the hair gathered in a thick braid at the back. The pupils of the eyes differ in texture from the rest of the sculpture, creating a contrast to the simplicity of the rest of the artwork. After being exhibited at the National Garden Festival ‘Her Head’ was given to the city by the Henry Moore Foundation.


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