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Anthony Beetlestone: Mother and Child

Mother and Child by Anthony Beetlestone

Specialising in figurative sculpture Anthony Beetlestone spent seven years at art school and before entering the world of public art and figurative sculpture Beetlestone taught in art schools in both Stafford and London.

His current work is heavily stylised and expressive, divided into three series, each with its own theme. ‘New icons’ fuses contemporary images with ancient models in a series of religious sculptures. Following the theme of religion, ‘Boatmen’ captures the spiritual meaning of the journey over water and the myth of the boatman who carries souls from death to the afterlife.


His final works are a series of sculptures based on everyday observation and life but the use of distance allows the shapes of the subject to become free capturing a sense of fluidity in their form.

Following the regeneration of Bethesda gardens in the Stoke-on-Trent City Centre, a hand-carved Stone Sculpture by local artist Ant Beetlestone was commissioned to form the centrepiece of the new seating area. The sculpture depicts a woman standing holding her child in her arms. The sculpture was unveiled in October 2004 as part of a public realm redevelopment.


To interact with local communities a series of workshops were held with children from St Luke’s Primary, where the children were asked to create clay models to see how they interpreted the theme of ‘mother and child’. The sculpture represents the motif of rebirth and new life, representing an optimistic image, whilst reflecting the regeneration and hopes of the area.

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