The Ceramics Trail Experience



Learn about the skills and processes that go into making the finest pottery in the world by going on a factory tour. Wedgwood, Moorcroft, Emma Bridgewater, and Middleport Pottery all offer fantastic factory tours.


Marvel at the skills on show at the World of Wedgwood in the Master Craft Studio and the Decorating Studio. See how it is done at close quarters and talk to the artisans at work. The skills demonstrated by these elite craftspeople are truly breath taking and they will be happy to answer any questions. Some of the skills you may see demonstrated include throwing, turning, figure making, ornamenting, enamelling, lithography, figurine painting, and hand painting. Visitors can get even more involved in seeing the product being made by going on factory tour where they will accompanied through the real working factory with a knowledgeable guide who will talk you through the processes and techniques being displayed.


Visitors to Moorcroft can go on to the factory floor and see the handmade processes of mould making, slip casting, hand turning, tube lining, hand painting, kiln firing and glazing - techniques that have been used throughout Moorcroft’s 100 year history to make it the world’s best-loved art pottery.


Go on a journey back in time at the Emma Bridgewater factory as you work your way through the Victorian building and learn about the 200-year-old adapted earthernware recipe and traditional decorating skills. See the skills involved in casting, finishing, fettling, sponging, firing, decorating, and glazing, which have made Emma Bridgewater become a modern day pottery phenomenon.


The Middleport Pottery factory tour is unique. It offers the chance to see pottery being made using the same handcraft methods as in the 1880s. The tour will lead you through each stage of production in sequence, showing how a lump of clay is transformed into a finished piece of pottery. You will also see the steam engine which once powered the whole factory.

The Ceramics Trail