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Emily Campbell: Love Ties

Love Ties by Emily Campbell

Emily Campbell puts her own twist on the world of contemporary art. stripping art back to its bare bones, filling her work with evocative, thought provoking and uplifting concepts in order to unite her audience into a world of pure escapism.


Campbell grew up in a highly academic environment which made her question and evaluate her own perspective of the world from an early age. After quickly realising her artistic passion and ability, she went on to study art at Schools in Norwich, Camberwell and Chelsea.


Campbell’s approach to public art has proved popular as she has carried out a number of public commissions in hospitals, schools, parks and galleries where her work brings peace and serenity to somewhat intimidating public areas.


Living as a practising artist in Stoke-on-Trent, she lectures at Staffordshire University and supports her students with internships, placements and workshops.


True to form and style her sculpture ‘Love Ties’ is situated in Hanley Park and features brushed stainless steel quotes on the islands in the boating lake and on the stairs leading from the lake. The quotes originate from love letters inspired by a series of workshops Campbell held with the local community.


On a dull day the letters sit quietly, undiscovered until the sun appears reflecting of the steel making the text burst into light, as you walk around the sculpture the light flickers and shimmers against the surface creating different tones and successfully entangling the audience in an experience that is dependent on the time of day, season and personal emotional experiences.


Love ties serves to uplift, serves to remind us that our words can and do often live on in others and with the text originating from communities that surround the park the sculpture is a part of public ownership and a reflection of all the people that contributed to the piece.


Click here to watch a short film about the making of Love Ties.


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